Everything Earth and Space, including studies of space, the moon, rocks and minerals, mining, plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanos.
Text: Earth Science/Interactive Science, ?Pearson ISBN 978-013320921-1, plus online access fee $25.

Course includes the following topics: A brief history of science; scientific inquiry; analyzing and interpreting experiments; geology; fossils; what is life; and the human body. Regular quizzes and tests will be given.
Text: Exploring Creation with General Science, Wile, ISBN 978-19320128663 AND Solutions and Tests for Exploring Creation with General science,2nd Edition? ISBN-10: 1932012877.

Exploration of the environment including ecosystems and efforts towards sustainability. Includes urban gardening. Supply fee $50.

Age appropriate exploration of Science, technology, engineering and math. Join this wildly popular class to build, explore and destroy to your heart's content! Leave the mess to us!
No textbook required; $60 supply fee.

Designed to introduce students to middle school math with more complex mathematical ideas.
Text: Core Standards for Math Grade 6, ?Steck-Vaughn, ISBN 978-0547878256, plus IXL online access fee $25.

Course includes review of all math skills with an emphasis on improving knowledge to be successful at upper level math.
Text: Spectrum Math Grade 7,? Carson-Dellosa Publishing ISBN 978-1483808758, plus IXL online access fee $25.

Course includes introductory concepts for Algebra. Topics include: the number line, order of operations, integers, all aspects of fractions, decimals, distributive properties, solving equations, word problems, circumference, graphing and polynomials.
Text: ?Spectrum Math Grade 8, Carson-Dellosa Publishing ISBN 978-1483808765, plus IXL online access fee $25.

Similar to 6th grade Language Arts. Emphasis on vocabulary acquisition, grammar lessons and improving reading comprehension.
Text: Wordly Wise 3000 Book 7, 4th Edition, ISBN 978-0838877074

Similar to 7th grade Language Arts with a larger focus on improving writing skills. For those students who already have a grasp of basic grammar and reading comprehension.
Text: Language Network (Grade 7), ?McDougal-Littell ISBN 978-0395967379

Focus on literature. In-depth discussions of literary genres and terminology. Requires higher level critical reading and comprehension skills.
Text: ?The Language of Literature (9th Grade),? McDougal -Littell ISBN 978-0618170340.

Course is intended for middle or high school students who need concentrated work in writing. Students learn to become better writers from the ground up. Focus is on sentence structure, improving grammar, choice of vocabulary, writing for an intended audience and building content without repetition.

Course covers 25 chapters of geography and cultures including the US and Canada, Latin America, Europe, Russia and the Independent Republics, North Africa and Southwest Asia, Africa South of the Sahara, Southern Asia, East Asia, Australia, Oceania and Antarctica. Emphasis on map skills. Quizzes, tests and projects included.
Text: World Cultures and Geography, McDougal- Littell ISBN 978-0618596645

Geography is so much more than names and places on maps. Come along with us as we “do” geography! We will explore all the corners of this amazing world and will get to “know” the people of faraway lands and why and how they live where they do. We will accomplish all of this by engaging in hands on activities, learning mapping and navigating skills, diving in to the cultures of the people around the world and delving in to the physical science of the lands and the environment that make all this possible. Come join us on our adventure around the world!
Text: ?World History, ?Holt McDougal ISBN 978-0547485805

Course covers Colonial America through WW II. Topics include: The English Colonies; early governments; the Jefferson and Jackson Eras; Expansion; the Civil War; Industrial Age; WW I; the Great Depression; WW II and the Civil Rights Era. Quizzes, tests and projects included.
Text:United States History, Holt ISBN 978-0030995484

Hands-on exploration of various art forms. Review of artists and their mediums. $50 supply fee.

Students will examine a balanced, healthy lifestyle through performance based activities. This is a fun hands on class that will improve aerobic and muscular strength through fun, high intensity, circuit exercises. This class promotes an activity lifestyle through students engaging in various physical activities. During this class, students will identify different muscle groups, research and develop nutritious foods, and will be encouraged to continue exercising outside of class. Suggested grade level: 5th-9th Students should come to class with plenty of water, light clothing, and sneakers.
$25 supply fee to cover any needed equipment.

This course will cover music from different cultures from around the world and how they evolved. Students will participate in several class activities from creating different rhythmic patterns and writing their own melodies and harmonies. Various styles of music will be covered including jazz, rhythm and blues, R&B, samba, rhumba, and more...

Course covers the following topics: The Basics, Air, The Atmosphere, Water, the Hydrosphere, Earth and the Lithosphere, Weather, Physics of Motion, Newton’s Law, Forces in Creation, Waves and Sounds, Light. Regular quizzes and tests will be administered. Labs and experiments included.
Text: Exploring Creation with Physical Science, Wile ISBN 978-1932012774 AND Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 2nd Edition, Solutions and Test Manual Only ISBN-10:1932012788

Focus on biodiversity of marine ecosystems.
Text: Introduction to Marine Biology by Karleskint, Turner, Small, Brooks

Course covers the following topics: The Study of Life, Kingdoms Monera, Protista, Fungi, Animalia, Plantae; Chemistry, the Cell, Ecology, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals. Regular labs and dissections included. $50 lab fee
Text: Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd Edition, Wile, ​ISBN 978-1932012545

Anatomy and Physiology is a course intended for the serious, college bound science student. It is a study about the structures and functions of living systems with primary emphasis on the human. It is a course designed for students interested in the field of medicine, dentistry, nursing, health, nutrition, teaching, etc. Specific areas of study will include: Gross anatomy of the systems of the human body, histology, fundamental concepts of physiology, and related terminology.
Text: Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology, Apologia, 2nd edition

Course covers, but is not limited to, the following topics: Measurements and Units, Energy, Heat and Temperature, Atoms and Molecules, Classifying Matter, Molecules and Atoms in Chemical Equations, Ions, Acid/Base, Solutions, Gas, Thermodynamics and Kinetics. Labs, tests and experiments included. $50 lab fee.
Text: Exploring Creation with Chemistry, Wile, ISBN 978-1932012262 AND Solutions and Tests for Exploring Creation with Chemistry ISBN-10: 1932012273

A rigorous and accessible treatment of general chemistry in the context of relevance and the big picture. Chemistry is presented visually through multi-level images–macroscopic, molecular, and symbolic representations–helping students see the connections between the world they see around them (macroscopic), the atoms and molecules that compose the world (molecular), and the formulas they write down on paper (symbolic). Problem-solving approaches are reinforced through interactive media that provide students with an office-hour type of environment built around worked examples and expanded coverage on the latest developments in chemistry. $50 lab fee.
Text: ​Chemistry, a Molecular Approach, 3rd Edition, by Nivaldo Tro ISBN-13: 978-032180924

Course includes introductory concepts for Algebra. Topics include: the number line, order of operations, integers, all aspects of fractions, decimals, distributive properties, solving equations, word problems, circumference, graphing and polynomials.
Text: ​Spectrum Math Grade 8, Carson-Dellosa Publishing ISBN 978-1483808765, plus IXL online access fee $25.

Course covers, but is not limited to, the following topics: Motion in One Dimension, Two-Dimensional Vectors and Dimensions, Newton’s Law, Circular motion and gravity, Work and Energy, Momentum, Electricity and Magnetism. Labs, tests and experiments included. $50 lab fee.
Text: Exploring Creation with Physics, Wile, ISBN 978-1932012453 AND Solutions and Tests for Exploring Creation with Physics 2nd Edition ISBN 1-932012-43-5

Class includes the following course of study: Expressions, equations and Functions, Real Numbers, Linear Equations and Inequalities, Exponents, Polynomials and Factoring, Quadratic Equations, Radicals and Geometry, Rational Equations and Probability. Quizzes and tests will be given on a regular basis.
Text: Algebra I, Prentice Hall ISBN 978-0133185485, plus IXL online access fee $25

Class includes the following course of study: Segments and Angles, parallel and Perpendicular lines, Triangle Relationships, Quadrilaterals, Similarities, Polygons and Area, Surface Area and Volume, Right Triangles and Trigonometry, Circles. Quizzes and tests will be given on a regular basis. Text: Geometry Student Edition, ​Prentice Hall ISBN 978-0133500417, plus IXL access fee $25

Class includes the following topics: Equations and Inequalities, Linear Equations and Functions, Linear Systems and Matrices, Quadratic Functions and Factoring, Polynomials, Rational Exponents and Radical Functions, Exponential and Logarithmic and Rational Functions. Regular quizzes and tests will be included.
Text: Algebra II, Prentice Hall ISBN 978-0133281163 plus IXL online access fee $25

Taught at an in-depth level for mastery of algebraic skills.
Text: Algebra 2, ​McDougal Littell ISBN 978-0618595419

Course focuses on those skills necessary to be successful in college level math. Review of Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. Could be used as preparation for college entrance exams such as SAT, SAT and PERT.
Text: TBD

Class includes the following topics: Fundamental Concepts of Algebra, Equations and Inequalities, Functions and Graphs, Polynomial and Rational Functions, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Trigonometric Functions, Systems of Equations and Inequalities, Sequences, Series and probability, Analytic Geometry. Regular Quizzes and tests will be included.
Text: TBD

Review of all math skills in preparation for the SAT and ACT tests, including test taking strategies.

Course covers English Basics in three areas: Grammar, Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension. Grammar rules will be reviewed and practiced including parts of speech, punctuation, coordination, comparisons, etc. Vocabulary includes weekly lessons on vocab acquisition and practice. Reading comprehension will be improved through weekly practice.
Text: Language Network (Grade 9), McDougal-Littell, ISBN 978-0395967393 AND Wordly Wise Grade 9, 1585198-ZZ7.

In-depth discussion of literature including, but not limited to, genre, terms, vocabulary, styles, focus and authors. Selections included classics, fiction, poetry, romance, nonfiction and drama. Written responses or vocabulary quizzes required for each story.
Text: The Language of Literature (10th Grade),​ McDougal-Littell, ISBN 978-0618601387. NOTE: If possible, do NOT order the Florida edition.

Analytical reading. Course focuses on skills necessary to be able to analyze reading material for author’s purpose, cause and effect relationships and understanding vocabulary in context. Course will review grammar rules and editing practice. Course will prepare students for the SAT and the ACT.
Text: ​Ivy Global's New SAT 2016 Guide, 1st Edition, ISBN 978-0989651660

College preparatory English. Course will provide students with a curriculum similar to one used at the college level. Course will include discussions on and readings from classic and modern literature. Focus on research papers as well as essays of 1500-2000 words.
Text: Focus on Writing: Paragraphs and Essays, Kirszner and Mandell, ISBN 978-0312603410.

Course covers 32 chapters of world history from the beginnings of civilization through WWII. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following: Peopling of the World, The First Age of Empires, Classical Greece and Rome, Establishment of India and China, African Civilizations, The Muslim World, Byzantines and Russians, East Asia, The Middle Ages, Peopling the Americas, The Atlantic World, Absolution to Revolution, Industrialism, and The World at War.
Text: World History - Patterns of Interaction, McDougal Littell, ISBN 978-0547034751

An in-depth discussion of American History from Early Beginnings through the Vietnam War. Chapters include Peopling the Americas, Early Colonies, War for Independence, The Living Constitution, Launching the Nation, Nationalism and Sectionalism, Westward Expansion, The Civil War, Reconstruction, Industrial Age, Immigrants , The Progressive Era, World War I, The Roaring Twenties, The Great Depression, The New Deal, World War II, The Cold War, Civil Rights and Vietnam. Class covers 31 chapters of a high school level textbook, including weekly readings and quizzes. Projects and presentations will also be included.
Text: The Americans, McDougall Littell, ISBN 978-0618377190

Course covers the American party-system within the framework of shared authority between the Federal Government and the States. Important concepts, such as mandatory sentencing, agency regulations, and prosecutorial discretion develop beside expansion of the Constitution and the Common Law. In-depth study of the Bill of Rights and Constitutional amendments, and the voting process.
Text: United States Government - Principles in Practice, Holt McDougal ISBN 978-0547451381

Course covers every aspect of the U.S. economy, including a historical review, resources, macro- and micro-economics, gross domestic product, the economic sectors, inflation and unemployment, fiscal policy, banking and monetary policy, economic theory, supply and demand. Includes real-world assignments such as cost/benefit analysis of college options; starting a business; personal investing and banking.
Text: Economics - Concepts and Choices, Holt McDougal ISBN 978-0618594030

Learn how to be comfortable and confident in defending your Christian faith.
Text: On Guard, Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision, by William Lane Craig

Public speaking has been ranked for years as American’s number one fear, yet speaking up and speaking out are necessary parts of successful every day life. Learn how to write and speak with confidence during this fun and interactive class geared toward 9th-10th graders.
Textbook TBD

Content includes, but is not limited to, the following: Human growth and development through adulthood; positive emotional development, including suicide and violence prevention; communication, interpersonal, and coping skills; responsible decision-making and planning; nutrition and physical activity; tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use and abuse; consumer knowledge; health-related community resources; safety education and injury prevention; disease prevention and control, including HIV/AIDS and other STDs; personal health and individual wellness planning; health advocacy skills.
Text: Lifetime Health, Holt ISBN 978-0030962196

Course includes the following topics: research in psychology; psych and the brain; sensation, perception, consciousness and learning; memory, intelligence and motivation; stages of development; behavior and abnormal psych.
Text: Introduction to Psychology, McDougal Littell ISBN 0-618-04828-6

For all the budding businessmen and women! Learn how to develop a business plan, market your idea, and bring your business plans to life!

Course introduces personal finance concepts; explores what it means to be smart with money, explains the purpose of a budget, identifies the difference between debit and credit cards, explores how to talk about money and money goals and highlights the importance and benefits of giving and serving others. Explains ways to pay for college without going into debt. Examines the importance of exploring career options that line up with personal skills and interests. Explains the difference between saving and investing; introduces investing as a way to build wealth. Introduces consumerism and spending habits; explores the impact of marketing, product placement, and peer pressure on consumer behavior.
Text: Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance, High School Edition ISBN-13:9781936948192 AND Foundations in Personal Finance: Home School Student Text (New Edition) .

Prepares your student to make that change from high school to college. Course includes how to take notes at a college level, how to plan your schedule, how to do research, where to find resources and much more.

This class is intended to teach students about different ways to invest money to save and obtain funds for future endeavors. Basic economic theories and concepts including laws of supply and demand, and various ways to determine rates of return on investments will be covered. Students will create several accounts and portfolios in stocks and various cryptocurrencies, with an emphasis on Bitcoin and Etherium.

Taught as a stand alone class or a continuation of the Stocks and Cryptocurrency class. Students in lab will continue to explore the stock market and how to invest responsibly.

A descriptive overview of the adult an juvenile justice system, from the commission of crimes and offenses through sentencing and appeal procedures. Criminal justice standards and goals and the relationship of the social and behavioral sciences to criminal justice will be emphasized.
Text: Criminal Law, Jocelyn Pollock, ISBN 978-1455730520

Focus is on preparing for the transition into adulthood. Topics include but are not limited to: career and college exploration; applying for jobs; resumes and interviews; money management; banking and savings; time management; healthy lifestyles and stress management.

An introductory course in the art of presenting an argument. Course covers the following topics: Logic, Evidence and Research, Affirmative Stock Issues, Affirmative Case Construction, Negative Arguments, Speaker Responsibilities, Speech and Delivery and what to expect in the debate round. Classes included weekly speeches and debates, public speaking practice, and research on world issues. Regular quizzes will be given.

Emphasis will be placed on the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and on acquisition of the fundamentals of applied grammar. The main focus of this class is building vocabulary, pronunciation and learning present tense verb conjugation. Conversational skills will be emphasized.
Text: Spanish is Fun, Book 1, Heywood Wald ISBN 978-156765816-3

Course enables students to enhance proficiency in Spanish through a linguistic, communicative and cultural approach to language learning. Continued emphasis on the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Primary focus will be on structure and verbs.
Text: Spanish is Fun, Book 2, ​Heywood Wald ISBN 978-0877205395

High School Courses

No fear math! Learn to love all things math with this engaging and interactive class. Students gain math skills through games, memorization, math facts and working together.

Grade appropriate lessons on reading comprehension, vocabulary acquisition and grammar lessons. Students learn to read and write with confidence.

Join us as we travel to faraway lands, laugh along with hilarious characters and explore life through different genres! Our journey will include engaging chapter books and other forms of quality literature that are reading level appropriate. Not only will we have a blast while reading, students will also tap into their creativity with lots of hands on art projects and creative writing of their own. Each week the students will build upon their reading comprehension, develop their literary analysis skills, and create imaginative artwork!

Christian based introduction to the wonders of the human body. $50 lab fee
Text: Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology (Young Explorer Series) ISBN-13: 978-1935495147 AND ISBN-13:9781935495154 Notebooking Journal for Human Anatomy and Physiology, Softcover, spiralbound

The activities and projects in this course are sure to delight and inspire young minds. They'll begin by exploring the basic building blocks of creation, atoms and molecules, and then journey through simple chemicals, the laws of motion, and energy in its many forms, before discovering concepts of electricity and magnetism. Along the way, your students will make their own bouncy ball, formulate a smoke bomb, build a solar oven, construct a working periscope, fashion a miniature motor, and create a lava lamp! $50 lab fee.
Text: Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics​ (Young Explorer Series) ISBN: 978-1-935495-98-7 AND ISBN-13:9781940110059 Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics Notebooking Journal, Softcover, spiralbound

Science, technology, engineering and math taught through a kid-friendly perspective. Interactive lessons and activities. Wear your old clothes! $50 lab fee.

What was life like before America was discovered by Europeans? How is life in America in 2018 still influenced by our citizens of the past? Come find out in this high energy, hands-on class where, much more than read about the events of our history, we will experience them first hand!
No textbook required; $20 supply fee.

The order of study is not the typical Northern Africa - Eastern Asia - Europe - North America sequence that you normally find elsewhere. Each unit begins with geography questions and terms to research, and continues to map work; outlining the continent, drawing major physical features (rivers, mountains, deserts, lakes, etc.), and marking countries and cities. In addition to answering questions about history, religion, culture and current events, students are also given writing and speaking assignments.
Text: Around the World in 180 Days Student Workbook, 2nd Edition ISBN: 9781935495581

Introduce your student to the culinary arts. Simple recipes will be explored , as well as the use of kitchen utensils and food handling safety. Class will discuss healthy food choices and nutrition. Students will learn appropriate table manners, how to behave at a restaurant and how to order from a menu. $50 lab fee.

Interactive introduction to the classroom setting. Students explore reading, math and more! Very busy day includes outside play time, games and crafts.

An all-inclusive elementary program, with an emphasis on reading, math, social studies and science. Students will be given weekly lessons to be completed in class and at home.

A continuation of the elementary day, students will alternate between various art lessons and activities including games, puzzles and outdoor activities. A great time for your students to spend a fun afternoon interacting with their friends!


Please note: Grade levels listed are suggestions. We find the parent to be the best judge of determining where a student should be placed; however, some courses correspond to similar levels of math/science, some require higher level reading and writing skills, and some content might be intended for a more mature audience. Please check with the instructor or HUB directors if you have any questions.


Middle School Courses

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